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Public Relations and Marketing Communications

Our key areas of expertise are public relations and marketing communications, and also sales consultancy, for companies in the following areas; IT, telecoms, business-to-business, corporate, and professional services, including management consultants, architects, design and marketing agencies. We have links with European and US partners and frequently co-ordinate European campaigns for international companies. We would be happy to talk through case histories of successful campaigns undertaken for our clients.

Sales Consultancy

We also offer sales consultancy. People buy from people. The Forge PR and Sales Consultancy has a network of consultants who are experts in setting sales standards and procedures. We can assist in developing sales presentations, organizing telesales and in particular advise on how to improve customer relationships.

The Forge will use its wide experience in PR, marketing and sales to benefit any organization that wants to improve its sales processes and results.


Some recent client comments include:-

The attention to detail, thoroughness, transparency of working methodology and creativity of The Forge PR has been outstanding and results have been excellent.

(Client – professional services)

The IT sector has been a tough one over the last couple of years, but The Forge has offered a determined and consistently good service over this period.

(Client – IT)

We have been surprised and delighted at the efforts made by The Forge to really understand our business, including company issues and sensitivities, and as a result produce a campaign that really works for us.

(Client – business to business)

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