The Forge Public Relations
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How We Work

We establish clear objectives and targets with clients at the outset of a campaign and formulate a clear plan, tailored carefully to the goals of each client. We recommend the PR and/or marketing communications activities we believe will be right for that particular programme and explain why. We provide a timetable of activities – but we realise that these can change quickly, so we meet regularly with clients to review their objectives and adapt the PR plan accordingly.

How we work with your company at the forge pr

Our success is based on our ability to work with clients to develop a good story by really getting ‘under the skin’ of a client company and then to ‘sell’ it by ensuring we create a compelling angle.

Our creativity, enthusiasm, commitment, and strategic planning capabilities coupled with results-focused execution have made us one of the most successful PR consultancies in Europe.

We pride ourselves in having the industry knowledge to turn complex subjects into hard-hitting material that journalists and our clients’ customers really understand.

Our approach provides cost-effective marketing communications solutions that really deliver results.

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