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The Programme

The following are some of the tactics that can make up the programmes we devise for clients:-


Media relations - releases, case histories, articles, interviews, features, media alliances

Marketing literature – corporate brochures, product brochures, annual reports, newsletters, email blasts, web site copy, advertisements

Press Office Function

Developing and maintaining a comprehensive database of contacts
(press, analysts and other key targets)

Developing and maintaining a photographic library

Answering press queries on behalf of our clients


Good PR depends on credibility. We take great care to build long-term relationships with groups and individuals who are important to our clients. These groups include:-

Industry analysts
End-user (current clients and prospects)
Existing and potential partners

Press Events

Interviews, press conferences and receptions, facility visits, photocalls

Award Schemes

Identifying and submitting entries to relevant award schemes

Organising award schemes to be run by our clients, or sponsorship of award schemes

Internal Communications

Often neglected, employee communication is a very important aspect of PR

Crisis Management

Everyone hopes a crisis won't happen. But any company can be caught up in an event they did not anticipate. The secret is preparation, and having systems in place that enable a company to deal smoothly and effectively with the unexpected when it happens.


Online or offline, these can be a fun and effective way of raising awareness

Speaker Platforms

We regularly arrange for our clients to speak at major conferences in the UK and in Europe


Co-ordinating and implementing international programmes


Web site analysis and critique
Interactive marketing


Research into topical issues can create good copy for journalists. We help develop topics, organise the research, and develop a strategy for publicising the results which we then implement


Co-ordination of av material and photography shoots


TV/Radio coverage planning and implementation

Literature Production

Liaison with design and print companies


We train in-house PR and other staff on tools and techniques when required

Sales Consultancy

We develop sales presentations, organize telesales and advise on how to improve customer relationships

Event Organisation

Seminars, conferences, roundtable sessions

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